Julia Vs the Facebook Advertising Policy Redux

*edited to include final ad results*

After my post rant earlier today, I designed an ad with hopes of getting around the Facebook rules. Here it is:

New Facebook Ad, buy link and ‘too saucy for Facebook’ text not included.

Okay, I admit I wasn’t taking things entirely seriously by this point, but wouldn’t you know, they approved it. Hooray?

Not sure how well it’s going to perform given that you can’t actually see the book. The good folk at Facebook have basically rendered themselves useless for advertising purposes. But from what I hear, they’re not great anyway. So far , this ad is costing $0.41 per “engagement” and I highly doubt (though of course I can’t be sure) it’s generating any sales.

GIF of Sister Michael from Derry Girls (because I identify so hard with her.)

Ah well, you live and learn.


Results from the “Cuddling Prohibited” ad on Facebook

At $0.45 an engagement, it’s a lackluster performance. For $20 I got 1 link click, 4 photo clicks and 2 shares. I think it was fairly useful for growing my Facebook following but, if you’re looking for book sales, Facebook ads probably aren’t the way to go. How many copies of The Madness of Miss Grey did I sell as a result ? Well my sales rank didn’t improve. In fact it decreased, so 1? None? All in all, probably not worth the money.

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